Thursday, August 02, 2007

Discussion, Annotated

Perhaps Jamie Mowder can now be forgiven for staying in the comfort of Queens rather than schlepp out to Paterson for last month’s discussion of the poem in its very place of origin, since he has posted at his blog a detailed annotation of our discussion recordings. In his three-columned form, you can revisit some of the more striking comments without having to slog through hours of our ramble and stutter. The following comment by Anne, arrayed by Jamie, now jumps out as a poem:

Why should we be
reading this?
It's, like, crazy.
It's the way I might
talk to somebody I
have issues with, in
my head,
pretending a
Who decided?
Why is this great?

And of course there is Cooper’s memorable:

falls in with same folly
as any identification or
signification does
it's a f__cking
frenzy of particles in
the Falls

The third column has Jamie’s exhaustive comments and links—which he self-effacingly calls the “pointless notes”-- many of which I have yet to work through, but which will undoubtedly prove illuminating. He clocked in his blog entry at 7:01 am, so--bless his heart--he was probably up all night with it.
In other blogosphere Paterson activity, there is an epoetry symposium going on at Hyperrhiz in which there is a long post about Paterson, presumably as a precursor to epoetry.

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