Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Music It For Yourself

Last weekend, the artist duo eteam "made a song out of it: concretely" with their Stadium Reverberator project. Their goal was to turn Paterson's abandoned Hinchliffe Stadium (interior pictures of which are in this Impossible Object entry) into an instrument: "Looking at the stadium from above, it reminds of a huge loudspeaker. Unfortunately this loudspeaker hasn't been used in a long time. On Saturday we will try to use this dormant possibility and trigger a composition, which will be created through knocking, jumping, scratching and clapping on the outside walls of the stadium. These sounds and movements will be captured on video and later on edited into a musical composition." I took some rough video and pictures (click on image or here) while taking a break from climbing walls, tossing chains and chunks of metal and concrete. Hopefully we'll get to see eteam's own video in the near future.

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Blogger Jonathan Wonham said...

Great! Reminds me of a play we did at school in which stones were clapped together in a kind of Mexican Wave around the edge of the theatre, together with a stroboscopic lighting effect. The theatre was very large, so the stones echoed. Very dramatic.

3:10 PM, June 21, 2007  

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