Sunday, March 07, 2010

To What xxTUNE Dance in this IM MENSE?. .

David Lyle's letter to Dr.Williams Dec 1 1939 . . . elapsed writing time for letter Lyle notes as 5.5 hours, but then also the letter has been expanded on April 9 1939 before sent out . . . questions of the Tao, swastika . . . symbol as "real substance" . . . the "continuous realism of the Hebrews" is based in their monism . . . "the central problem is of the particular. . HOW do we KNOW anything at all . ." . . . "the TAO symbol is the wiring diagram of the source of human energy" . . . Lyle's profession as a radio operator and engineer comes through in his technical metaphors, as in "BREAKING thru humanity. IE.. to break thru every anthropomorphism...every inadequate concept and its ensu-ing inadequate operating custody...." . . . more a child of cybernetics than of the modern machine world, he rightly but completely oddly puts the Hammond Organ as the new paradigm of consciousness, NOT the cinema . . . "topologically fotographing the idea behind this country called America. . . in terms of the running Hammond Organ basic underlying second by second simultaneously as moving image all and/or any ever happened. . . happening . . . and ever will happen event structuring of man. . or men" . . . Hammond Organ tones being generated by oscillation, on/off, discrete signals whose parameters are controlled in real time and also based on a system shared with missile control devices, also invented by Hammond . . . "to make a map of the sea (of human energy)" a constant refrain, as is the attempt to situate imagism as a break-thru to a system that structures events closer to the re-al substance "And since Arnold ask the real substance question as . . . To what TUNE dancein this immense? . . . ." Or is it TONE? I wish I could go back and time and buy Lyle a new typewriter ribbon . . . the plectrum does not weave by itself . . . "Utmost permanence can be transferred directly to the uses of calculus and asymptotic curves in MATH . . . . transferred dirrectly to the swastika being asymptotic to the symbol area formerly known as ONE nation . . . W hat is oneness.and where is re-al substance....." . . . I think I had a sense this morning in bed of what this math looked like, and then I woke up a little more (proving its reality) . . . "Math signs closest to imagist operating of central nervous system." . . . "Behind any and/or all of the above areas. . there must be an imagism law. . which is continuous. . testable and checkable by anyone, once they know HO W TO SEE it. . ie, once they know HOW TO EXPERIENCE the ART of knowing. . . . either directly or thru others. . . as on a busman's holiday. . ." "The right question being Shakesspere's 53rd sonnet. . . What mmmmmm is YOUR RE-al SUBSTANCE, whereof are you made, T hat millions of strange shadows on you tend?" . . . and you must imagine the substance fading out with the lapsing ink of the ribbon the cross-outs (mmmmm) the penned-in corrections and misspacings . . . a loveable but maddening text, so hard not to want to include, but so hard to completely transcribe . . . Lyle himself, in a sense, his symbol or re-al substance . . . "As continuous imagism . . . all disguises have been stripped away, it is ALWAYS and EVER-y-WHERE (Where is your re-al substance?)" . . .

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