Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life, Love and Paterson: Jeanne Heuving on Paterson

Jeanne Heuving, who is finishing a book on the transmutation of love in 20th Century Poetry, talked to me about how she would apply her concept of "libidinal field poetics" to Paterson, when I interviewed her a couple months ago. Jeanne, with whom I teach as well as help curate her Writing for Their Lives literary series, is the author of Incapacity and Transducer, as well as a number of scholarly works on poetry.
Imagism as love poetry; Williams and love: (8 min. 25 sec.)
The Marcia Nardi letters: (7 min. 40 sec.)
Ecstasy in objects; Requited vs. unrequited love poems: (6 min. 45 sec.)

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