Friday, January 09, 2009

Paterson Datum no. 1

The big question: first of all, need I belabor the following, or can I have the license to let the data speak for itself? Because, the second question, more to the point (and you've heard it before here) is whether I need to pull this whole thing together. It was Williams' problem, and I knew from the start it would end up mine as well. Would the ultimate solution be to merely let this blog trail off into data fragments without explanation, causing many new visitors to think they had happened upon some elaborate splog? Is the line between blog and splog all that clear when we are questioning the nature of the data itself, wondering, as Williams did, how to leave it the hell alone, and not constantly try to sing it into being? I keep happening upon various thises and thats on the harddrive, touches and encounters that are interesting, but unassimilable; and even the patently "uninteresting" junk snaps or aborted recordings have some interest if only because they point to the limitations of my own personal filter. So maybe I'll end up floating them more frequently. And maybe that will buy me more time to work on a larger synthesis. Which will in the end just be postponing another disintegration. Ah, the games we play.
This is a cloud in Paterson.



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