Sunday, August 03, 2008

Reprint Sutra

A couple years ago, when this blog was starting, I interviewed Lex Bhagat on Paterson and included some of his actualities in an earlier mix. What went unincluded was a performative reading he did, sutra-style, of Appendix B: A Note on the Text. The appendix details the problems of compiling a definitive addition, resistances against reprinting, and Williams' deteriorating health. It also points out how the book's "textual history . . . is a suitable parallel to the colorful past of the city that is its focus" (241), in some ways turning this scholarly supplement into a unplanned continuation of the poem. I found Lex's performance hidden away on a hard drive while reorganizing files, and decided to fool around with it a little bit. Don't "wait until Jim [Laughlin] gets back." Click now for Reprint Sutra.

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