Monday, November 03, 2008

Naropa on Williams

Following up on our last post, Ginsberg starts this lecture on Williams with a discussion of smell.
Since starting this project, I haven't gone back to the online Naropa archives to discover or revisit any references to Williams. It seems there is quite a bit here to work through. I definitely need a new iPod, the collision of which with instigated my first access to the intellectual life of this western haven (which, while exerting a fascination, was always either too expensive or too distant to get a taste of). I'll report on any particularly juicy findings as I work through this deterritorialized detritus. Of other talks here, some of my favorites are Peter Warshall on red squirrels and the cosmos, anything by Burroughs or Peter Lamborn Wilson. I would steer clear of the Harry Smith recordings, which I kept giving a chance, but they never came through; they are poorly recorded, and, in addition, because near the end of his life, were mumbly and incoherent. Sadly. (If anybody can find anything in the Smith materials to disabuse me, please pass on.)
(Of interest: Naropa Remix.)

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