Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old Dreams of the Void

In this performance and lecture given at Visual Studies Workshop on 5/7/08, the occasion was an invitation to discuss my Paterson work at the beginning of my residency (t)here (now almost over); for this event, however, I talked about the blog and Williams only after a detour into the alchemical work of Michael Maier, Jakob Böhme, Robert Fludd, with further divergences into UFOs, Robert Smithson, and Marlene Dietrich. If you want to skip around this big file (1 hr., 16 min., 327 MG), it starts with a laptop performance, which lasts about 6 minutes. Then , starting at 6 min. 55 sec., there begins a discussion of alchemy (under the assumption that in it we can find unexpected alliances with Williams’ work, as we move from the Philosopher’s Stone to the Williams’ less exalted rocks). At about 52 minutes, I begin the more plodding requisite rehashes of the blog. Maybe at one point, I'll encapsulate this lecture in something less bandwidth-intensive, less murky, perhaps something along the lines of what I did with "Theogony of the Parking Lot." Until then, process, process, process.

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