Monday, February 04, 2008

Afternoon at the Ivanhoe

I have finally started organizing my growing database of Paterson fragments (I broke down and bought myself new hard drive) and found some recorded conversations from Paterson that I’d been looking for since I moved again last summer. You can get a sense of an afternoon hanging out at the Ivanhoe, near the falls—the philosophizing and the fighting (I never recorded the fist fight that almost exploded while discussing Jung’s concept of the anima). There’s not as much of the music, which was also a big part of the scene and we’ve heard it in previous entries (at least at the very end of this discussion clip).

Click here for today's Paterson mix.

Next week I’ll be on the road, showing some Paterson video and performing live audio (among other things) at the Artefact Festival in Brussels. The topic is “capture,” which seems an apt way to talk about the limits of approaching Paterson/Paterson by way of the blog.
In the meantime, Impossible Object’s “sister” blog The Paterson Project has posted their first new song in a long time, so check it out. Paterson never ceases to surprise me: so much in its corners! The Haitian president passage? I forgot that completely.

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Anonymous christine said...

Wow! Right here in cyberspace... beloved sounds from the Ivanhoe! You sun of a gun! You captured it! Thank you for this. You continue to Wow! me! I hope you'll come back sometime.

12:08 PM, February 10, 2008  

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