Saturday, October 28, 2006

Goodbye, Audioblogger!

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Well, no more updates from the road, as Audioblogger discontinues its service. But I will be on the road talking about this vlog at Haverford College on Monday, November 13, from 4:30-6 in Chase Hall Auditorium. Posts will be sparse for a while as I amass more special guests and interviews, and attend to various other public appearances. Look for the second part of Mystery Mountain, as well as interviews with Lytle Shaw and Amelia Arenas, among others. Mike Hauser had nothing to say about Paterson when last I grilled him at the Poetry Project, but you should check out his new book anyway, crets crets crets, which contains a reference to his not having much to say about Paterson. It will, however, tell you much about the powers of the blog (circa 1965).